The Ocean Star range of sail yachts

yacht salesOcean Star yachts are recognized for their strength and sailing capabilities world wide. Safety on board is a fundamental consideration, which is illustrated by the traditional methods of hull lamination, where the bulkheads are structurally reinforced and the GRP girder grid system is bonded underneath the entire surface and hull's full perimeter to ensure extra strength and solidity. All of the hulls are laminated by hand and molded internally, while special attention is given to detail during production.

An Ocean Star is always well-built, enduring and offers first class sailing performance. The well proven construction materials, construction process, and finishings ensure the longevity of these yachts and make them sound investments.
As Tim Thomas from Yachting World wrote "She is solid, acceptably equipped, smooth and seaworthy."


The exceptional quality of the Ocean Star yachts is exemplified with their elegant interiors and practicable finishes.
The standard material for the interior is a marine grade ply with a choice of various synthetic veneer finishes. All doorframes and furniture cappings are made from solid wood. Traditional wood finishes such as teak, maple or cherry are also available using high quality marine grade veneers by LIGNAPAL finished with solid wood cappings. All of the interiors are available with either a matt or gloss finish. The cabin soles are finished in 16mm teak and holly veneers. The doorways are wide and feature an additional top hinge for extra strength.
The interior layout is appealing and spacious with attractive finishings. Wide passageways and good handholds make for easy movement around the yacht. The galley has been designed for ease of use when underway. There is a large double sink, front opening fridge, top-opening freezer, and space for a microwave.

The Decks

The deck's design consists of a large cockpit including a table and a separate twin-wheel steering area. The cockpit lockers and large lazarette provide ample storage space, whilst equipment such as the hatches, winches, and port lights are placed in strategic positions. All instruments and control lines are positioned within easy reach of the helm and crew.
Furthermore, all Ocean star sailboats have a sun deck area with teak finishing that provides ample space for a minimum of two people to enjoy the sun.


Greece has a long sea going tradition and the Ocean Yachts team is comprised of a wealth of talented boat builders. For this reason, Ocean Star sailboats are hand crafted, giving special attention to each detail. All of the final fittings, finishings, and assembly are done by hand since there are no shortcuts to producing top class sailboats.