Small Ships Great Cruises

Imagine yourself aboard a luxury yacht. After watching the early morning sun rise from inside your cabin, you take your delicious breakfast prepared by the on board chef. All you see around you is the blue sky and all you hear is the sound of the vast, blue sea. Imagine diving from your yacht on a hot summer day and feeling the refreshingly salty water soak your skin while swimming to the beach of a secluded bay.

This is a typical day aboard a small ship. Vessels with a capacity for a limited number of passengers, up to 36 cabins, that will take you to the trendiest of the world's destinations as well as more isolated bays and marinas that only a yacht can access.
A unique opportunity to enjoy the great cultural, architectural, historic and natural diversity of the Mediterranean Sea and other exciting destinations.

A cruise aboard a small ship provides intimate and memorable experiences. You will explore and discover the secrets of all destinations visited with easy access to local life. What makes this such a unique and special trip is that it combines the efficiency and convenience of a ship and the unique experience of a private yacht.

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